Energy Storage Reforms suggested by the Clean Energy Council

In May 2017, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) released a Briefing Paper, Charging Forward: Policy and regulatory reforms to unlock the potential of energy storage in Australia (Briefing Paper). By Anne Wardell, Regulatory Specialist, Compliance Quarter The purpose of the paper is to outline ‘thirteen reforms that can be introduced to accelerate the uptake of […]

Frequently Asked Questions on the Energy Consumer Data Right (Client Update)

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Treasury have been progressing policy work on the implementation of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) in the energy sector. In this update we respond to some frequently asked questions relating to the energy CDR. What is the CDR? The CDR gives individuals and businesses a right […]

A report on the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia

Following a referral from the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, Angus Taylor MP, the Standing Committee on Environment and Energy resolved on 6 August 2019 to conduct an inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia. The Committee will inquire into and report on the circumstances and prerequisites necessary for any future government’s consideration […]

The New Energy Tech Consumer Code

In 2017 a Behind the Meter Working Group was established to draft a Code of Practice for the industry in relation to behind the meter products, now known as the New Energy Tech Consumer Code. The New Energy Tech Consumer Code will be a voluntary code but is likely to provide an advantage to signatories […]

July 2018 Energy Round-Up: Network Investment and National Energy Guarantee Returns

The CQ monthly round-up is the only comprehensive coverage of regulatory changes for energy businesses across the eastern and south-eastern states and territories. In today’s round-up we cover changes, announcements and consultations from 6th of July through ‘til the 9th of August. The major themes this month are the National Energy Guarantee (once again) and […]

Webinar – The implications of the ACCC’s report for innovative energy businesses

In this recent webinar, we looked at the implications of the ACCC Report for innovative energy businesses. As a valued Compliance Quarter client, you have access to the full video, transcript and slides from the webinar. ACCC Report for innovative energy businesses Update on Regulation Agenda 1. The Headline 2. The Findings 3. The Opportunity […]

Three innovation opportunities presented by the AEMC 2018 Retail Energy Competition Review

In today’s article, our focus is not on any regulatory proposals, but three innovation opportunities for energy businesses that are suggested by AEMC’s observations in the Review. The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has just released its mammoth (351 page) review (the Review) of competition in retail energy markets for 2018.[1] In one sense, it […]

State Support for Renewable Energy in California

Last week the CEO of PG & E, Geisha Williams, California’s largest utility provider, explained PG & E’s move away from coal ( Williams argued that natural gas and renewables are more economical for California, as well as cleaner. PG & E aims to boost its renewable energy to 55% by 2031 -five percent above […]

The International Energy Agency Review: Are state and territory energy policies evolving in in an “unco-ordinated manner leading to fragmented markets and suboptimal outcomes”?

A couple of weeks ago the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a lengthy report (250 pages) on their review of energy policy in Australia – The International Energy Agency Review (   Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash By Dr Drew Donnelly, Compliance Quarter.  The scope of this review, set by the Commonwealth Government, was to analyse the […]

Further information on the National Energy Guarantee

Yesterday we received some further information on the National Energy Guarantee in the form of a consultation paper. We have summarised this for you below. Also of interest was the release of the following (thanks to the Smart Energy Council for the heads up): Climate Council energy storage report International Energy Agency report on […]